SceneTap lets you checkout the scene in real-time.

SceneTap shows crowd size, gender ratio, Average age of everyone in the place

Also for iPhone and Android, SceneTap shows Real-time info on your city's best places.

Crowd Size, Gender Ratio, Average Age and more

Plus, see details on each place including specials, sports team affiliations and events.

SceneTap App on web, iPhone, or Android

So you can spend less time guessing, and more time discovering and hanging out at your favorite places.

The Scene-ario that started it all

SceneTap started as a simple sketch on a cocktail napkin

After spending more money in cabs than in bars on a typical Saturday night in Chicago, friends Cole Harper and Marc Doering thought there had to be a better way to enjoy their weekends.

And so SceneTap was born, on a napkin, in a dive bar and with a simple vision: to make nightlife more convenient...

Meet the team

Stats on SceneTap

SceneTap is located in Austin, TX

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Chief Globe Trotter

Andrew N.

Door Opener